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Why would you or anyone else, for that matter, hire a tree care service provider? For most, this type of professional is not hired unless they have a tree that looks sick, is a safety hazard, or is a downright eyesore. One may also hire these professionals to trim a tree or plant new ones. Tree service companies like Evergreen Tree Services offer clients convenience and the expertise they need to make the right decisions for their property.

Working with trees can be difficult and there is a lot of additional equipment that is necessary. Here are Evergreen Tree Services, we have certified arborists and other professional tree care providers to take care of your tree needs. So what should you look for when seeking a tree care service provider?

Questions to Ask Your Potential Tree Service Company

There are so many questions you could ask tree care professionals, some of which will be specific to your needs. But when you are trying to find the right one, there are a couple of questions that you can apply across the board. Before you reach out to them with these questions, you can check their website to see if the information is already posted and readily available there.

  1. How Long Have You Been Operating as a Business?
    You want tree care experts with experience, especially with bigger jobs. So do your research, don’t choose to pick from the flyer that one random guy that does odd yard work jobs left in your mailbox. Get a professional.
  2. Do You Have Certified Arborists on Staff?
    Some companies will indicate having a certified arborist, but when you check it out, it may be one person who is subcontracted. When you want your tree services in a timely manner, this can prove to be a problem, since you will have to work with the arborist’s schedule, which may be pretty busy and even booked out for a while if they subcontract to multiple companies. It is best to choose a company that has at least two arborists on staff and is directly employed by the company.
  3. How Will You Minimize Potential Damage on/to My Property?
    An important part of a professional tree service provider is to protect anything around the tree or trees they are servicing. The team you choose should be able to explain to you in a simplified manner so that you can understand any and all precautions they will be taking to protect your yard. If they will be using heavy equipment, what of the tire tracks left behind? What of the upheaval to your lawn? These are questions that must be answered.
  4. What Equipment Will You Use for “X” Service?
    This goes hand in hand with the above question. Ask them what they will be used to complete your service, and ask them what is the potential risk for damage. Also ask about their safety equipment for not just protecting your lawn and landscape, but also protecting your home. So for example, if you are grinding out a tree stump, how far will the chips fly? Is their truck loud, is it leaking? These are just some of the questions to ask.

    They should also be wearing personal protective equipment, as mandated by OSHA – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A reputable service provider will provide adequate protection for their workers that are necessary for the task at hand.
  5. How Long will X Service take?
    Get an estimate from each potential company. This will help you to make a good comparison when choosing a service provider. One may say service can be executed in three days, whereas another may give you a longer or shorter time period. How urgently do you want to get your work done?
  6. Do You Have Insurance?
    This is a very big question. It is important for a company to have insurance, even with all the precautions they take. Because accidents do happen, you don’t want a fallen tree, and any damage it costs to be your expense.
  7. Are You Licensed, Can You Share Your Credentials?
    Choosing a trusted company is choosing a company with licenses and the necessary credentials. You should be able to find this information on their website. And if you ask, they shouldn’t be hesitant to provide said information. If they are, you probably should simply continue your search.

    You want to hire a service that has Arborists that are ISA certified. This certification is offered by the International Society of Arboriculture. You also want to look for businesses that are accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and a company that employs Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals. If they are offering services that have them working close to electrical conductors, they will need to be approved by line clearance arborists.
  8. Do you Have Reviews or Testimonials?
    While you may want to find referrals and reviews online, you want to avoid bias. Even if there are reviews on their website, you still want to look for independent reviews. This will give you an idea of what their tree service is like, and also what kind of customer service to expect.
  9. Will Your Workers Use Spikes if They are Climbing a Tree for Pruning?
    A service provider that uses spikes while pruning really doesn’t know what they are doing. They are wounding the trees, and this can cause damage that is hard to repair. The only time spikes are acceptable are instances where you will be removing the tree. Here at Evergreen Tree Services, we have a bucket truck to be used for some tasks, so we do not have to climb a tree in spikes.
  10. Do You Offer Topping Services?
    Topping is the practice of removing live sections from a tree at the top. This is a poor practice, and it is not healthy for larger hardwood trees. If you find a service provider offering this service, you may want to continue your search.

Steps to Follow When Hiring a Tree Service Company

Step 1 – Research

Ask any questions you have. Look for reviews, and ask about certification, insurance, and licensing. You want to make sure the service you choose is not just about sales and gimmicks.

Step 2 – Request an Estimate

Here at Evergreen Tree Services, we offer free estimates to our potential customers. Once you get your estimate, you can compare prices and compare what is offered within each service package. If there is anything on a quotation or estimate that is not clear to you, always ask for it to be explained.

Step 3 – Choose a Service Provider

Choose the service provider you are most comfortable with. Don’t just choose the provider with the most affordable price, you want to choose an experienced company with a track record of great work and great customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of insurance should a tree service company have?

A: They should have two types of insurance. These should be workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

Q: Should a tree service be bonded?

A: Yes, when you have a surety bond you can be more confident that the company will fulfill all its obligations to you.

Q: What is a groundsman?

A: A groundsman completes duties, such as hauling wood and brush from a tree to the truck, as well as cleaning the site after a job is complete. They will also assist a tree climber with a variety of hand or power tools.

Q: Do people still cut down trees?

A: Yes, people do still cut down trees. If you have 20 or more trees to remove, you can contact a logging company. They may cut down and remove trees free of charge.

Q: Will my insurance pay for tree removal?

A: Your insurance company will not generally cover tree removal. This may only be covered if the tree falls on your fence, home or garage, or if the tree causes damage otherwise. Some insurance companies will pay for removing a tree if it falls and then clock your driveway or for problems due to a storm. If tree removal is required after a storm, your insurance company may cover up to $1000.

For matters of tree care, some jobs can be too dangerous for you to complete yourself. In these cases, it is best for you to contact professionals from a tree care service, like us here at Evergreen Tree Services.